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    Zombie Dead : Primary Target


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Zombie Dead : Primary Target
Zombie Dead : Primary Target
Zombie Dead : Primary Target
Zombie Dead : Primary Target
Zombie Dead : Primary Target

Description of Zombie Dead : Primary Target

World stands at an age where infections of modern medicine and biochemical warfare has spread to more than 70% of population. US Government has announced civil danger zones and people are been moved to quarantine zones surrounded by huge walls. Military and special operation has taken over the charge and no one is let in or out without proper medical investigation.
You are among unfortunate left behinds and you’ll have to survive until military extraction reaches you. During your stay in this part of city, assure your life and don’t get bitten by any Zombie. Your enemies are dead target zombies. A zombie tsunami has begun and they are searching scent of fresh blood. Make zombie roadkill and do the bomb plants vs. zombies in major areas of their possible arrival. Try to keep yourself indoor and if you have to go out, chose lighted streets and avoid zombie highway. Always keep your both weapons i.e. Assault:Sniper, cause you may need assault guns to save yourself, and may need sniper gun to shoot far zombie killer to save someone else’s life. Don’t try to call someone because phone lines are almost dead and telephone booth can be a zombiebooth and where you might get yourself trapped in. You are not in enemy borders, so don’t be a hero and save yourself on zombie frontier. Don’t get near a shot target because they don’t die as much as they look. Find other survivals in this zombie anarchy to enforce your team. Better find some expert zombie killer because random firing and shooting modern weapons don’t benefit all the times. The situation is like War & Survival so better focus on survival so that you can participate in most of the war. The hospitals are mostly contained and training more zombie squads. Nearby is an old weapon store where you can find someone trigger shooter expert in all types of weapons. Don’t get driven by natural killing thrill, aim and point with gun zombie may not be coming to you, so just aim and don’t fire until you are sure, this can save lot of ammo for bad time. These deadly creatures are result of experiment Z may be. This is not any easy game, it is zombie survival and you must manage your weapons and ammunition to get yourself alive. Out of ammo, get something hard to hit in the head use some shover, bat, or zombie smasher rod. Your only defence is you, don’t loose hope & body power, always keep food in reserve for bad times because you might get trapped somewhere for long time. Mostly undead travel in groups and they will be attracted to voice or smell and come in waves, so better prepared with reloaded guns and other weapons.
Try to find some 2 way radio equipment, because that is the only communication media left now, broadcast random messages on radio in search of someone listening to your frequency among all these stupid zombies. If ever wanted to be a commando or special ops or secret agent or marine warrior, you can enjoy all one by one playing death shooter on these undead creatures. Perform your best to be a reaper or catchers. The blood zombies are those who are bleeding heavily are fresh converted and more active and bit intelligent as compared to others, so be ware and always keep analysing them from hideouts. Military gunships petrol randomly in different areas so always keep your eyes peeled and ears open for possible extraction teams.
We are not wrong saying that zombie age has begun and you are their only target in this alley. Their terror is not less and its like a nature powered world war beyond terror. Kill target to get extra points which can be used to buy more weapons.

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  • com.GamesAddiction.ZombieCityKiller
  • 1.1
  • Android 2.1 or above
  • Action
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